Refund Policy - Money Transfer

  1. We process the transactions real-time and provide confirmations at the earliest. Once a transaction has been submitted to GMT MONEY, it is legally binding and cannot be cancelled.
  2. While GMT MONEY will try to act on your request to amend your beneficiary details, we cannot always do so as the payment instruction may have already been processed by the time we receive the modification instruction. Therefore, please ensure you confirm the payment details are accurate before sending the instruction to GMT MONEY.
    To avoid duplication of payment instructions, please submit new instructions only after the cancellation of the previous instructions has been confirmed by Foreign Exchange Central.
  3. Refund of payment unpaid by our correspondents for whatsoever reason, will be only at the prevalent exchange rate, but not exceeding the original transfer amount. The Commission fee and Transaction Fee may not be refundable. Please see Fees and Changes for more details.
  4. At times as a result of a technical or human error, we may quote an exchange rate that is not in line with the market. This may be a mistake on our part. The rate is not binding on us. If you realize an error in the exchange rates, please notify us immediately. In this case the original transfer amount, commission fee and transaction fee may be refundable. Please see Fees and Changes for more details.
  5. There may be circumstances in which GMT MONEY is obliged to freeze the transaction as authorized by law. GMT MONEY is not responsible for this delay or cancellation. In this case the original transfer amount may not be refundable if advised by the authority. Also, the associated fees may not be refundable.

Method of refund

Refunds are processed via the same payment method as the initial transaction.we cannot refund any transaction if our bank doesnot authorise the funds

Non-refundable fees

The transaction and commission fees paid for a transaction are not refundable.

Additional fees

The refund of a transaction will incur an administrative charge of AUD 25.00 plus the exchange rate differance. If the refund method is processed via a credit card, an additional 2.00 percent of the payment will be charged as fees.
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