How we protect you

We take the security of your account seriously and we provide multiple layers of protection to secure your online experience.

Digital certificates

We employ digital certificates to verify the identity of our organization on the Internet and to ensure content authenticity. To give ultimate confidence to our customers, we have deployed SSL certificates.


All communications between our servers and your computer are encrypted to ensure that customer's interaction with GMT over the Internet is secure. This is to prevent unauthorized parties from reading the information. We employ 128 bit encryption.

Account Lockout

A customer account is temporarily disabled after a predetermined number of unsuccessful attempts. This helps to prevent fraudsters from guessing your password.

Automatic logouts

Prolonged periods of inactivity on our customer portal automatically results in a timeout and the system logs off the user and ends the session. This reduces the risk of anyone else accessing your customer account if you leave your computer unattended.

Email Alerts

Email alerts are provided to stay informed when payments or important account information changes are made using your account.

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